Friday, January 28, 2011

Without change there would be no butterflies....

Twelve years after co-founding Osgood O'neil, today was my final day with the company. It was an emotional day for me. I have many fond memories of my years at all three salons, and I know that the company will continue to grow and prosper in my absence.

I love my work, creating beauty for my clients and inspiring the hearts and minds of young colorists and stylists. The reason for my departure is very simple - I have a vision of my own that burns strongly inside, so it is time for me to move on and turn that vision into a reality!

I am so excited to forge ahead on my next adventure; it will take some time to blossom, and when it does I invite you to join me.

- JT Osgood 


  1. Great LUCK Jennifer. I know your adventure will be exciting. I am looking forward to following it. Love you.... Karen

  2. JT you are destined to be great and inspire others around you by your actions which are so loving and your god-given gift as a colorist. I wish you nothing but luck, love, health and happiness. When you are persuing your dream you will shine like the bright star that you are. Wherever you go, I will follow. Love you more...... Carol (Miss Morgan)